by Donna Baxter January 23, 2018

Three in One
In February, Brooklyn boutique owner Jill Lindsey will expand to Tribeca with an eponymous emporium touting finance workshops, nut-milk cappuccinos, and smokable herbs (104 Reade St.).


Smoking herbs for lung congestion ($13); spicy coconut-oil mouthwash ($26); Marvis toothpaste in licorice, jasmine, and cinnamon ($8).


Finance workshops with wealth adviser Bob Fuest (from $95); tarot readings (from $25); acroyoga classes with instructor Jonathan Ziff Sint ($20).


Irving Farm Coffee served with handmade nut milk (from $2.75); biodynamic wines and Champagne (from $12); healing tinctures (from $4.50).

*This article appears in the January 22, 2018, issue of New YorkMagazine. 

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Donna Baxter
Donna Baxter


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