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Astrology with Eden | Sundays
eden sky orion astrologer brooklyn new york
Eden Sky Orion is an astrologer, writer, rest devotee, and movement and meditation guide.

Her astrology consultations offer cosmic guidance based on your unique astrological signature. Eden’s style is conversational and collaborative, rather than prescriptive, ensuring that you retain your sovereignty and free will when engaging with the stars. 

Eden holds a B.A. in religion and anthropology from Columbia University, where she is now pursuing a M.A. in clinical psychology with a concentration in spirituality and mind body practice.

✶ Mini Reading
20 Minutes, $50
Suitable for when you have a quick question for the stars, or if you'd like to know about a particular transit (i.e., New Moon, Full Moon, Mercury retrograde).

✶ Cosmic Counseling
45 Minutes, $110 | 60 Minutes, $150
Your birth chart is a map of you. These sessions are suitable for astrology newbies seeking a foundational understanding of their chart, as well as for those who know their chart in and out and are looking for deeper layers of integration.

✶ Synastry Reading
60 Minutes, $225
Synastry is the art of reading two charts together to identify their points of harmony, points of tension, and how learning and growth takes place between the two individuals. Maximum 2 people. Great for couples, family members or friends, or you and your business.

Come see Eden on Sundays starting at 3p!
✶ Tax included in booking price
✶ Appointments are non-refundable
eden sky orion astrologer brooklyn new york