Psychic and Medium Readings

Jill Lindsey

Thursdays 5-9 PM

* Nelly requires booking 48 hours in advance, please call if you need help *
Nelly Reznik is an evidential psychic medium based in the NYC area. 

In a mediumship reading, she communicates with your loved ones who have crossed over. They bring forward unique evidence about themselves for you to recognize before delivering their messages. The process of mediumship seeks to provide clients comfort and evidence that allow for understanding that our departed loved ones are safe and at peace on the other side, continuing to watch over us. 

In a psychic reading, she connects to your energy and to your spirit guides to gain insight and guidance into your life. The information that comes through tends to focus on your own soul growth and perspective on the best course of action, rather than fortune telling, as the future is not written in stone and we all have the power to co-create our lives.

Half Hour Reading (Mediumship or Psychic)- $80
1 Hour Reading (Medium, Psychic, or Medium/Psychic Hybrid)- $150
* tax included in booking prices*

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