Release Your Holiday Tension Breathwork - December 18th


Release Your Holiday Tension Breathwork Group
Tuesday, December 18th 7-9 p.m.
Led by Melissa Motzkin
Come release, regroup and relieve any tension that’s building around the holidays. I invite you to gift yourself this special rejuvenating evening in the midst of a go-go-go season where we are conditioned to give to everyone but ourselves. The active 2-part breath will help you quiet your mind, drop into your body and create space to connect to your deepest self, tend to your heart and release what you are ready to let go of. This is an opportunity to fill your own well in order to take on the rest of the year as a present, intentional and patient being. Give to yourself so that you can truly give to others.
Bring a blanket, some water and/or an eye pillow if you desire.
What is breathwork?
Breathwork is a self-healing practice involving a guided meditation with an active 2-part breath that allows us to move and clear stuck energy and bubbling emotions, enabling us to tap into the core of our being, bringing us closer to our spirit, true self and connecting us to the universe. This work is moving and dynamic and can take us on a wild journey into forgotten bits of ourselves, opening us up to greater clarity, release and peace of mind.
What should I expect?
This will be an intimate, 2-hour group with time to ground, connect, breathe and rest together as a communit. I will teach you the 2-part breath and guide you through an active meditation set to a soundtrack. During the breathing, you may experience tingling, tightness or other sensations in your body and/or emotional release which are all totally normal and I will be there to hold space and ease any concerns you may have. Following the breath there will be a rest period, where you can allow your body to be still and unwind as I send Reiki energy into the space. We will then reconvene, close our circle, and head home for a restful night of sleep!  
Who is this work for?
Breathwork is for everyone! You needn’t believe any specific beliefs or have any background in these modalities, I will teach you everything you need to know in the group. There are no contraindications for breathwork, but if you are pregnant, have had a brain injury, are epileptic or have any other concerns, please consult your doctor before practicing.
About Melissa Motzkin
Having been taught to focus on her breath to ease discomfort at a young age, Melissa’s lifelong interest in healing and the magic of the universe was born. Through the exploration of various meditation and healing modalities, she was introduced to breathwork and discovered its intuitive, fast-acting nature and the shift that could be catalyzed by just a single session. 
Now trained as a practitioner of Reiki 1 & 2 as well as a breathwork healer under Erin Telford and David Elliott, Melissa is excited to bring this 2-part Pranayama breathwork and Reiki healing to clients 1:1 and in groups. Join her to peel back emotional layers, work through any blockages you are experiencing, and discover a new sense of self-love and sustainability within your own body.
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