Sēfari Meditation


Sunday June 7, 8pm EST

Water healing is an ancient modality, that has been utilized across time and culture since the beginning of recorded human history. This live stream water meditation experience is designed to support the cultivation of ease in both body and mind. Water helps us to recalibrate our nervous system, to soften our senses, and provide a soothing physical medium for deep relaxation.

This sēfari meditation will share water ritual, a guided meditation journey, and reflective prompts to support emotional balance and self discovery. This is a 1 hour meditation. 

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In preparation for this experience, I kindly request you run your bath 10-15 minutes prior to the event start. We will begin promptly, and we will begin in the tub. I have learned the perfect temperature to conduct this practice is very warm, but not hot. I trust you shall find the right middle ground here, but be aware we will be in the water for the full experience approx 45 min.

I encourage all participants to think of this experience very much as a ritual, and should you choose to create a small alter in your bath room space, I find that adds to deepen the practice. I include in my own, a stone, a candle, essential oil, and my journal. I will also add to my bath magnesium salts to reduce inflammation in my body, and suggest you do the same. If other additions are made to the bath such as floral soaks, I will share that information in real time. The experience will be two parts, beginning with greeting and welcome & followed by a guided meditation while you soak in the bath. I look so very forward to meeting with you in this space, and should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out directly through email or instagram at @iamsefari or @jobimanson.

Tickets are non-refundable 

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