Shamanic Healing w/ David Dormon


Shamanic Healing

Cost of session is $120 for 1 hour session

Shamanism is the oldest known form of spiritual practice on the planet, which makes shamanic healing the oldest known form of healing. A shamanic healing begins with a conversation to find out what the symptoms are, how long the person has been dealing with them, and any other pertinent medical history, as well as if they are seeing a doctor, taking medications, or using any other types of non-traditional treatments or methods to address the issue.

Then the practitioner prepares themselves for the session, usually in a silent, meditative state, by calling on their allies and helping spirits, as well as the patient’s, to begin to receive information and instructions about what is needed in that particular healing.

Depending on the guidance they receive they may take any number of approaches to the healing, using a variety of shamanic tools for the job. This typically includes some combination of feathers, rattles, drums, tobacco, crystals, bells, essential oils, as well as light touching and/or massage. Commonly the practitioner will sing, whistle, or hum traditional healing songs during the session. Since most issues come from energy becoming “stuck” somewhere in the body, the most common approach is to use these tools and techniques to restore the flow and movement of energy throughout the body.

The effects of a shamanic healing vary from session to session.  They are often quite powerful, and a noticeable shift may take place during or directly after the session. The effects can also be more subtle, and take longer to integrate, sometimes days or weeks, allowing you to heal in a more gentle and natural way that you may notice physically, or through changing attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and desires.

 David Dormon is a trained shamanic healing practitioner who has been working with the Power Path School of Shamanism in Santa Fe, NM, since 2010. He has also trained with the Shipibo tribe in the upper Amazon, as well as the Huichol in Mexico. He runs Home Sweet Healing, a private healing practice in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. David brings great joy, humor, warmth, and sensitivity to his practice as he works with clients from all walks of life to restore, realign, and reconnect them to their hearts and to their higher selves.

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