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Moon Void Tarot Deck

Moon Void Tarot Card Deck Jill Lindsey Brooklyn New York

The Moon Void Tarot Deck includes 78 major and minor arcana tarot cards hand illustrated by artist Stefanie Caponi. The cards are printed on easy to shuffle classic playing card stock and fit neatly into a custom designed tuck box for safe keeping.

The artwork of the Moon Void Tarot is inspired by Stefanie's personal interpretations of each card's meaning and combines traditional symbolism with an innovative and modern approach. 

Box size is 2.5" x 4.5"

What is also in this guidebook:

- Working with the Moon Void Tarot deck

- Story behind the deck

- Working with the elements in Tarot

- Alter building and Tarot

- Several Tarot Spreads

- Reading Reversals

- Astrology & Tarot

The extensive Astrology & Tarot section has all of the information needed to deepen your tarot practice by incorporating astrology. There are accompanying tarot spreads for each portion of the astro guide

Stefanie Caponi, creator of the Moon Void Tarot, is a Brooklyn-based, nationally published illustrator, and an avid practitioner of magic for over 10 years. Her artwork combines her interest in psychology, philosophy, and occult symbolism as an expressive means to heal herself and others.

Moon Void Tarot Card Deck Jill Lindsey Brooklyn New York