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FOLIE - Broken Embraces

BROKEN EMBRACES an olfactive translation of a moment in a F I L M by Pedro Almodovar, to a F R A G R A N C E by Nathalie Benareau (SYMRISE) Ingredients: Red Lipstick Accord, Ginger, Muguet, Turkish Rose, Night Blooming Jasmine, Balsam, Patchouli, Animalic Accord Conceptual olfactive works of limited production — carefully composed and handcrafted by a range of visionary perfumers. Each 50ml and 12ml bottle are hand-painted and comes with an exclusive " FOLIE alt˚_ " Clear Vinyl Tote Bag. This exclusive Transparent Tote serves as representation of the way that the invisible medium of perfume both carries us and at the same time reveals us.