Acupressure with Sara


Meridian Yoga Therapy/Acupressure is a powerful and highly accessible way to heal the body using the principles of Chinese Medicine (the same knowledge used for acupuncture).  It unblocks stagnant energy on a deeper organ level, which translates to the emotions. Emotions are meant to be in motion, but when they become stuck or repressed, a blockage along the channel is created and often manifests as physical pain or other tangible symptoms. This treatment uses acupressure on specific points along the energy pathways to release stagnation, the root cause of discomfort.
Each session will begin with a consultation to evaluate what meridian pathways should be addressed for the therapy, followed by a few minutes for you to relax, use the restroom, and refill on water while Sara plans your personalized sequence. The therapy work will be 30-60 minutes (depending on which appointment length you choose). Sara also incorporates soothing sounds and aromatherapy, if the client desires.
The incredible power of the body is its ability to balance itself; when a pathway is blocked this technique will simply bring balance whether it be a depletion or excess of Qi (energy) along the channel.
You will walk away feeling relaxed, grounded, and informed with key points to use on yourself at anytime, as well as related yoga postures you can practice at home.
60 minutes - $130
90 minutes - $180
*Tickets are non-refundable

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