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Angel Aura Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster

Angel aura is a coating created by heat fusing vaporized precious metals to the surface of a crystal. As such, angel aura crystals will exhibit the properties of these precious metals as well as the underlying stone - here, clear quartz. Angel aura is named as such because the iridescent sheen resembles the gossamer wings of the celestial beings. They are are believed to hold an energetic connection to the angelic realm.

These crystals are effective aura cleansers and can help clear all of the seven chakras. They aid in stress relief and can also bring the body into balance by releasing harmful negative energies. They can be of great use to those who suffer from 
depression, anxiety, and panic attacks who want to restore inner peace and balance. 

Angel aura crystals can help awaken empathy and optimism, and can also enhance memory, mental clarity, creativity, and intelligence.

Small crystals range in size from approximately 2.5" - 3"
Medium crystals range in size from approximately 3.5" - 4"
Large crystals range in size from approximately 4.5" - 5"

Each is unique.