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Astrology With Maya

We are so excited to have Maya on our amazing wellness team! 

Maya is an artist, farmer, and astrologer based in Brooklyn. She works with the birth chart as a living story that we are here to evolve, collaborate, and create with. Sessions are a process of reconnecting with the internal poetry and wisdom of that story, and developing strategies to move forward with greater ease, presence, and self-trust. Maya has been studying astrology since 2015 and reading professionally since 2018. 

15 Minutes: $30
Mini readings are like a jumpstart - Maya will focus on the major points of your chart, especially those that you can pull from as resources to navigate this particular moment in the astrological weather. 

✶ 30 Minutes: $60
30 minute readings are a great option for those who are interested in an introduction to the birth chart, checking on how the current astrology is affecting you or dialing in on a specific theme or question. 

✶ 60 Minutes: $150
60 minute readings are a deeper dive - Maya will cover each of your planetary placements, along with major aspects and asteroids that might influence your personal, relational, family, and work dynamics. These sessions have a natural flow to them, with more space to incorporate questions about synastry, transits, and strategies for moving forward.

♥︎ 30 Minute Couples or Friendship Reading: $75
A special Valentine-inspired reading for two, available for the month of February. These readings overlay two charts to show where you just click and where you can learn from one another's different approaches. These are super fun, and we can go as deep or keep it as light as you want! You will walk away with a deeper  appreciation for the unique dynamic between your planets and the specific ways you support each other's life paths. 

Maya is in store on Wednesdays from 1-7 & Saturdays from 3-7. 

Please bring your birth date, time, and location for your reading. 

✷ Appointments are non-refundable.