At Home Skincare Consultation and Treatment with TTOFB


This is a virtual offering.

This is a beautiful service to take time out for yourself to care for you skin and learn how to massage your face 
You will have thirty minutes with Diane Avitable, holistic aesthetician to address any specific skincare concerns that may be present, coming up during this time of staying home or perhaps chronic and you are looking for deeper home care practice to support. Is you skin more unhappy then usual right now, are you sleep, eating, working  or workout habits off in either direction and the skin is showing signs for distress? Is more stress present now then usual? The stress cycle of our system makes our skin highly susceptible  to imbalance and more visible signs of this imbalance, puffy + tired looking skin, more congestion, dry + rough patches, more inflammation, can occur signaling us it is time for attention and care. During your session you will explore the what and why of the skins current state,  demo some at home care practices that can include manual face massage, use of your Gus Sha or jade roller tool and some "kitchen remedies" that can support  YOU and YOUR  skin right now. 

This will be conducted over facetime once appointment is booked. 
Appointments are non-refundable. 

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