Breathwork With Samantha Story


Dec 22 at 6pm

Winter Solstice Breathwork

The Winter Solstice is a turning toward the light and a celebration of the rebirth of the Sun. Candlelight was and still is used as representative of the sun. As we move in these darker days toward the light, what in your life needs illuminating, releasing, celebrating and where do you want that light to take you as you move forward into the New Year. 
Breathwork is an active meditation that by occupying the mind creates space for the body to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is a practice that can aid in letting go of old narratives, traumas and fears as well as connecting you to clarity, inspiration and a greater sense of embodiment. If you have been feeling stuck in any area of your life, having difficulty allowing love in, moving past an old wound, I invite you to try this practice.  As an active practice it can bring up emotions, but know that the body won't bring up anything it isn't ready to heal and the energy of the group will hold and support you. After Breathwork sessions people usually leave saying they feel energized and lighter. 
Wear comfortable clothes, feel free to bring an eye pillow and palm stones
Samantha Story L.Ac. is an Acupuncturist and Breathwork Healer working in NYC, "I see my role as a space holder for transformation. In Taoism the practice of alchemy is to turn the spirit to gold, my goal is to assist in potentiating space for healing that allows for this freedom and happiness in your life today. Breathwork has been the most effective and quickest modality of healing I have experienced and I'm excited to bring it to you." 
Tickets are non-refundable 

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