CIVICS 101- Composting - June 19th


Civics 101 – Composting – June 19,th 7-9pm

Do you know what happens to the food scraps that are collected in your brown bins? Do you even have brown bins in your neighborhood?

Come join us for the next installment of Civics 101 on Composting. We will talk with experts about why composting food scraps is better for our health and the environment than throwing them out with the rest of your garbage, and we will learn more about the composting process (life-cycle) and how we can play a role in reducing waste and replenishing the earth.

Whether you are already an avid food scrap saver and garden composter or you are grossed out by the idea of collecting food scraps, your voice is important in this conversation and we would love for you to come with questions, ideas, tips, and examples of what you do with compost in your own life and in your community.

Our main speaker will be a co-founder of Earth Matter, Charlie Bayrer, and there may be additional contributions from some experienced community composters.

Please secure your spot below for this exciting event and we look forward to seeing you on June 19th!

We are asking for $10 to be donated to Earth Matter.

*All tickets are non refundable

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