Cord Cutting Ceremony with Sacred Flame Healing - February 13th


Wednesday, February 13th
Cord Cutting Ceremony with Sacred Flame Healing:

Are you looking to release unhealthy connections to former lovers, siblings or parents?

Does your former partner keep showing up uninvited in your life?

Do you want to let go of unhealthy patterns or habits in your relationships or your life?

Are you ready to end the story you’re telling + forgive others?

Whenever we forge a connection with another person we become energetically attached to them through an etheric cord.  Fear-based cords are unhealthy + do not serve our highest good. These cords are like fire hoses, sending energy back + forth to each other. Have you ever felt sad, controlled, drained or anxious when thinking of a past relationship? Do you desire moving forward into healthy, loving + light-filled relationships?

For this ritual ceremony, Rebecca Stallings founder of Sacred Flame Healing, will lead us in a guided meditation infused with Reiki + Flower Essences. During this ritual you will learn how to sever the connection to past relationships, both romantic + platonic, as well as sever relationships to any objects that you can’t seem to let go.

Please dress comfortably + bring a yoga mat, blanket + journal should you want to make note of your thoughts or feelings. You may want to bring an eye mask too.

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