Crystal Healing


Crystal Healing consists of using colored crystals or stones, meditation, color & sound therapy to balance or activate the chakras. Having clear and active chakras is key to living a healthy fulfilling life. There are many different chakra points running thru and around our bodies. These points create little bands of energy that surround each of us. Each chakra and band of energy rules a different part of the body, emotions, consciousness or life experiences. These subtle energy bands or ‘meridians’ act as energetic highways, allowing energy to flow thru us.


Loving Heart Activation:
Crystal Column Activation Heart Chakra meditation: $75

Custom Private session $125 /hr.  $150/90 min.
Use of a pendulum to identify which chakras are imbalanced. Total body manual chakra balance session accompanied with music.

About Tamika M’bule is a Queens native and has been a student of alternative healing, esoteric studies for over 20 years. A Healer Certified in the Hibiscus Moon Method, M’bule uses crystals, sound and color to work with the subtle vibrational energy within our bodies helping us to release blocks, make peace with the past and balance our chakras opening us up to achieve more fulfilling and happier lives.

Appointments are non-refundable.

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