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Crystal Sphere Solar System

Crystal Solar System, a celestial journey in the palm of your hand. Each sphere is a masterpiece, crafted from genuine crystals that mirror the captivating beauty of our solar system's planets. Whether you're an astronomy enthusiast, a crystal lover, or simply seeking a touch of planetary wonder, these crystal spheres are a mesmerizing addition to your collection.


Mercury - Labradorite: The shimmering surface of Mercury, captured in iridescent Labradorite, reflects the mysteries of the closest planet to the Sun.

Venus - Tiger Eye: Gaze upon the entrancing swirls of golden Tiger Eye to evoke the lush, hazy landscapes of Venus.

Earth - Sodalite: Our home planet, Earth, is recreated in vivid blue Sodalite, symbolizing the serenity and depth of our oceans.

Mars - Mahogany Obsidian: The fiery essence of the Red Planet is embodied in Mahogany Obsidian, featuring rich red and brown hues.

Jupiter - Jasper: The largest planet in our solar system comes to life in vibrant Jasper, showcasing its magnificent stripes and swirls.

Saturn - Yellow Calcite: Saturn's stunning rings and golden beauty are captured in Yellow Calcite, radiating a celestial glow.

Uranus - Green Aventurine: The unique greenish-blue shade of Uranus is mirrored in the soothing tones of Green Aventurine.

Neptune - Opalite: Dive into the deep blue mysteries of Neptune with Opalite, its ethereal beauty reminiscent of this distant ice giant.