Crystals 101 - November 30th


Crystals 101 
Friday, November 30th
Hands up if you love crystals! Join us for this class to learn how to love crystals even more (and how they can love you back). We’ll talk about the holistic approach to crystals and how they can help in healing, focus, manifestation, calming, and protection. No experience necessary, just a desire to connect with these beautiful gifts from the earth.

This class will cover:
How and why crystals “work”
How to choose crystals
How to clear and charge crystals
Learning to feel a crystal’s energy
What different colors and shapes mean
Working with crystals for meditation, healing, and empowerment

Everyone who attends will receive a crystal zine for reference.

All you need to bring is yourself, and maybe a favorite crystal if you have one <3

About Moriah:

Moriah Simmons is intuitive healer and teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. Her approach to healing through tarot, reiki, and ritual is warm and down-to-earth; there's no judgement, and no sugar-coating, just the space for you to be exactly who you are.

*All tickets non refundable

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