Spring Despacho Corazon with Mr. Luis


Saturday March 21

As a new season begins we found ourselves ready to let go of the winter and come into the spring. Join Mr. Luis on March 21stthe Spring Equinox for a Despacho energy cleansing. A Despacho ceremony is traditional practice in South American indigenous groups who offer prayer bundles that are filled with different biodegradable elements to offer to Mother Nature and to cleanse their spirits as well. It is a reciprocal energy exchange with Mother Earth and the self. In this Despacho we will be using fruits. This ceremony is a great way to begin your transition into the Spring season on the day of Springs arrival. We begin with honoring Mother Earth as she too changes into a new season. Our intentions in this Despacho is both to cleanse and to grow. We will begin with short message about the upcoming energy spring holds for you, a brief meditation and then the Despacho.

Materials: Please bring at-least 4 fruits of a spring nature. (I.e oranges, green apples, mangoes, apricots, grapefruit etc.) Seeds, beans, sweet candy of different sorts are also good to represent and intend positive growth. Also please bring flowers (an inexpensive  of any sort will do, such as carnations) . You may also write any intentions on paper to be put into a bundle , or herbs you would like to add that have special meaning to you or that make you think of spring.  At the end you will be placing them in a place of nature. 

Space is limited and tickets are non-refundable. 

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