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Douglas Fir & Ancient Vetiver Candle

Flamingo Estate Douglas Fir & Ancient Vetiver Candle

Drizzly morning walks in ancient fir forests.

Lighting this is like conjuring the forest wind. As the wax warms, the essential oils begin to travel and forest air fills the room with the crisp, smokey, sweet scents of Vetiver, Douglas Fir, Angelica Root, and a hint of Basil.

The essential oil of Douglas Fir is distilled from boughs gathered in British Columbia’s highly-oxygenated Great Bear Rainforest. Flamingo Estate's Vetiver is regeneratively grown and contains a high mycorrhizae content to help microorganisms flourish in nutrient-rich soil.

Made from 100% vegetable wax, this candle is hand-poured into a sturdy recycled-glass container.

Light with a match and enjoy for a long time — Flamingo Estate candles burn for over 60 hours.

8 oz.

Flamingo Estate Douglas Fir & Ancient Vetiver Candle