MAY 15 - Brand Human Entrepreneurship Event


In today’s crowded and fragmented media environment, in order to cut through the noise you first have to define who you are. 

Branding & Marketing Strategist Jasmine Takanikos knows the power of  building a business is about finding your own voice and sharing it with the world.

Jasmine created Brand Human to establish a more genuine approach between offline objectives and online brand identity—a personalized approach that she has developed with clients ranging from global thought leaders & brands to small business owners.

Through thought-provoking lectures, interactive experience based workshops and immersive strategic sessions—including a partnership globally with Soho House —Brand Human invites guests to consider and define their individual goals before cultivating a brand identity. Rather than providing best practices on personal branding to participants, Brand Human asks you to think and feel first.
With strategic guidance from Jasmine Takanikos, Brand Human is a set of personalized tools that will help you connect to and develop your audience, create an online strategy, and build a strong organic community centered around who you are as a human and a brand.  

The Brand Human Principles are constantly evolving and growing based on the real time issues that we face as a collective regarding brand | self integration. 

March 23rd 



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