Flower Essences Healing


Bach Flower Essences Therapy is a healing method that works on a holistic level;
physically, emotionally, mentally + spiritually. Flower essences are the energetic
imprint of flowers captured in pure spring water at the height of their bloom and
then infused into a mother tincture. The essences work for our highest good,
naturally + safely.
Dr. Edward Bach was a prominent bacteriologist, physician and pathologist who
lived + practiced in London in the early 20th century. He believed that western
medicine addressed the result + not the cause and so set out to research why we
are unwell or dis-eased. There are 38 flowers in the Bach Flower Essences System
+ all were discovered by the 1930s. The remedies do not treat the physical disease
but restores harmony + balance in the mind so that the body can return to its
natural defenses + literally heal itself!
The 38 flowers can be help with:
● Fear + anxiety
● Uncertainty + gaining clarity
● Focus, intention + drive
● Loneliness
● Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas
● Despondency, despair + trauma
● Over-care for welfare of others
How we work with Flower Essences:
The initial consult is an hour. We start with a meditation + an opportunity to set an
intention for the session. A client can expect some gentle probing questions + I
invite you to be as open as they feel comfortable so that we can co-create an ideal
combination of flowers that work to your highest good.
After the consult, a custom blend will be created into a tincture to be taken as
follows: 4 drops under the tongue, 4 times a day.
$95, which includes the initial consultant, the tincture + 1 follow up call 2 weeks
into the remedy.

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