Full Moon Ceremony for Transformation- March 20th



On the Vernal Equinox Libra Super Full Moon, embody harmony and find your ground

with Catherine Foley
Wednesday, March 20

The effervescent season of Spring is born on this day of equal light and dark, and as the Sun enters Aries, the Super Full Moon rises in Libra, inspiring us to overcome our insecurities around self expression by nurturing our emotions with graciousness. This moon teaches us that when we hold our intense emotions and fears in good balance, we can leap into our next adventure with confidence.

In this experiential, group healing ceremony, we will draw on the peace-loving and caring energies of the Libra Full Moon—joined by the bold, risk-taking Sun in innocent Aries—to explore how we can drive forward with our creative passions by truly standing in the beauty of who we are. Using gentle breathwork and somatic mindfulness, we will build our trust in our ability to care for ourselves, even when we are scared or overwhelmed.

In a guided meditation, infused with the love of Reiki energy, we will learn where our creative energy might be blocked now so we can rebalance and uplift the emotions that are weighing us down, and reconnect with the harmony of our creative song.

Supported by the magical power of the drum, we will then take a journey to witness your creative power, and to plant seeds for your creative endeavors and projects this year, infusing the path forward with clarity and balance.

Bring a journal and pen, and a crystal or stone.

About Catherine Foley
Catherine Foley is a Reiki Master and intuitive empath, and founder of Help Your Self, her holistic wellness company on a mission to bring authentic and genuine healing experiences and resources to New Yorkers. With formal training in energetic and earth-based spiritual healing, mindfulness and herbal medicine, Catherine is skilled in holding integrated, embodied and compassionate space for deep transformation and healing. Catherine offers Reiki healing at locations around the city, including The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, New York and Grand Street Healing Project. She is an oracle reader at Otherwild NY, The Alchemist’s Kitchen and Jill Lindsey. In all of her work, Catherine is dedicated to guiding you home to yourself, helping you access you innate ability to heal your life and find the freedom and will to shine your true light in the world.

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