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Hand Shaped Tray in Indigo Dye

Perfect for the dropping the keys or spare change when you walk in the front door or to just have as a beautiful sculpture.

Thick Cut Vegetable Tanned Leather
Japanese Indigo Leather Dye Style
Individually Dyed
Individually Shaped by Hand
Conditioned with Plant Oils and Beeswax
All Edges Beveled and Burnished

6" x 4" and approximately .75-1” deep

About Made Solid:

Born and raised on the West Coast. Made Solid is a collection of handmade leather home goods and accessories as well as select contemporary and antique artisanal pieces from their relations around the world - US, Japan, West Africa, Mexico, and beyond. Designed and handmade in Los Angeles by Peter Maxwell and Mia.
Their design is inspired by their history and surroundings, and Western living is at its core. Made Solid honors uniqueness and celebrates the individuality of each piece they create.