Hard Nectar - Cornflower Kettle Corn Lollipop

Hard Nectar

You are wild and free. Your mind is filled filled with positive idea’s and you find yourself on an exploratory path of self growth. Discover your horizons with our Cornflower Kettlecorn. Stimulate your senses with this all natural infusion of sugar coated popcorn, creamy caramel and airy Fleur de Sel from Ibiza. Embellished with frivolous Cornflower petals and 24karat gold.

Notes: Sweet, Grainy, Woody
Properties: Stimulant


Due to handcrafted nature of this product no two items are the same, hues might vary.

Ingredients: granulated pure cane sugar, light corn syrup, Natural Flavors, Organic Edible Corn Flower and 24K Edible Gold details.