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Healing the Wheel with Liza | April 20th

April 20th | 7pm

Join Liza, a seasoned medium, facilitator and mentor for Healing the Wheel - a workshop for people of all skill levels designed to reacquaint them with the ability to heal and nourish the self. This gathering will allow you to deepen your understanding of mental and physical development and how/why we become disconnected from a sense of stasis within the body. You’ll be presented with solutions toward finding the center of health and well being that is innate within.

Following an opening ceremony and brief grounding, attendees will be led in a discussion and demonstration on the 121 energy centers of the body, focusing primarily on the 7 most commonly recognized. From there, attendees will be lead by a visual presentation through the reintroduction to the many ways in which these centers present when balanced and imbalanced.

Attendees will be taught an introduction to healing and recalibrating themselves and how to do so using chanting techniques as well as energetic healing practices. Those in attendance will be given brief, gentle time to practice both solo and in small groups.

There will be opportunities to share, witness, and ask many questions. Before the workshop comes to a close, there will be a guided meditation that will aid in the healing and activation of the entire experience. 

We ask you to arrive well-hydrated and nourished. Dress comfortably and bring a
journal, pen, and items to be charged on the altar. It is suggested that attendees abstain from the use of mind-altering substances 24 hours before and after the workshop.

About Liza

Liza Fenster (She/Her/Hers) is a professional tarot reader and teacher, an ordained
minister, reiki master teacher and professional mentor. She works full time as a Working Witch while completing her Masters in Theology.

She has been reading tarot for over 20 years and has been a facilitator of healing for
8 years. As an Indigenous woman, she has chosen to work as a steward of the Crow
Mother Kachina, allowing that Entity to serve as the vessel for this work. she has given
workshops at spirit house collective NYC, dream hive NYC, black iris, the aster (Los Angeles) and at art beset Miami.

She has been featured in several publications, most excitedly the"Witchcraft" edition of Taschen's Library of Esoterica. She is a proud coven and community member.


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