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Magic Mushroom Hydrating Serum

When I set out to intuit a hydrating serum, I received a strong vision of a mycelial network. The mushrooms said "we got this" so I got out of the way & let the magic flow. This serum is laser-focused on delivering the mushroom community's medicinial & vibrational medicine. Silver ear mushroom offers luscious, sustained hydration, similar in structure to hyaluronic acid. Organically grown rieshi, mesima, turkey tail, poria & shiitake bring powerful antioxidants, which inhibit skin-aging MMPs (matrix metalloproteinases). Organic birch sugar stimulates skin immunity & brings humectant hydration. Shatavari root cocoons the skin in succulent hydration. Licorice root works to calm histamine-related inflammation & brighten uneven skin tone. Scented with a joyful choir of fruity douglas fir, brightening bergamot, and grounding cedarwood & jasmine.

30 ml miron glass dropper bottle