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Star Keeper Mineral Toner

Starlight in a bottle. Calming cucumber and aloe act as a hydrating & cooling matrix for a host of firming minerals. Silica and copper help build firm, resilient skin (wonderful for smoothing wrinkles and healing scar tissue). Silver and gold boost skin immunity and calm chronic inflammation (ideal for breakout prone or inflamed skin). Fireweed calms inflammation and stimulates dermal fibroblasts (the cells that make collagen). Scented with a firming, glow-restoring blend of bergamot, clary sage, elemi & violet leaf which smells like liquid starlight. Star Keeper works beautifully for aging, stressed, hormonally imbalanced, breakout prone, or chronically inflamed skin.


Spray directly onto clean skin prior to applying other products, or spray onto damp washcloth or cotton round & use as a cleansing rinse after your regular cleanser.

Pro tip: use 5-7 spritzes on a damp cloth as a post-workout or minimalist morning cleanse.

Heart of Gold is the life path of herbalist/esthetician/massage therapist/intuitive Ally Draizin (that's me). I believe there are no miracle products, but there are magical products. I make each product by hand: infused with vibrational medicine, intuition, loving intention, and nutrient-rich whole plants. I also use the discernment of 20 years as an esthetician to manifest products that feel good, smell good, and work beautifully.