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Jones Beach II

This photo was taken in the waters of Jones Beach, Long Island, New York in August of 2020. 

12 x 18 metal print.
Includes floating mount so it is ready to hang on your wall.

About the Artist
Meghan Clifford is a photographer from Long Island, New York. She captures her images both in and out of the water in all seasons, with ocean temperatures ranging all the way down to 35ºF. Meghan turned to the ocean as a way to deal with immense grief and found as time when on that the pictures she was taking helped to ground her. Moments such as the joy of a sunset creating color through a wave, to the calmness that can be felt as powerful waves crash overhead always left her feeling lighter. Meghan hopes to showcase this emotional connection to the ocean in her wrk and share a perspective of the water many people might not get to experience.

Item Notes
Please note that colors might not exactly match what you are viewing on screen. That being said, the printer is carefully selected to ensure top quality colors.

A metal print is a picture that has been infused onto a piece of aluminum. The color and sharpness of the picture comes across strongly on this glossy finished medium.

All photos have been digitally signed by the artist.