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Energetic Healing & Intuitive Channeling with Hanna Hazel | Wednesdays & Sundays

Join us for incredible energy sessions with Hanna Hazel!

Hanna works as an Intuitive Channel and Energetic Guide, dedicated to guiding individuals on their path to inner balance and illumination. With an intrinsic understanding of many energy modalities and pathways to connect to the higher source, Hanna offers personalized sessions that delve deep into the energetic body and spirit identifying blockages and facilitating rebalancing. Hanna opens a channel to the higher source becoming a vessel to gather downloads, messages, and divine guidance.

 Mini-Session Intuitive Channeling & Energetic Alignment Session

30 Minutes, $100

✶ Intuitive Channeling & Energetic Alignment Session

75 Minutes, $222

✶ Tax included in booking price
✶ Appointments are non-refundable