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Kantara Rug - Helwa #186

Helwa Rug

5ft x  8.2ft

This rug gently changes color from one end to the next -- from shades of vermillion red to a subtle purple with a palette of other colors contributing to this masterpiece of Moroccan weaving. With the background diamond designs coming into focus and fading away just as quickly, this rug is a piece that you could stare at for days and continue to find new treasurers woven throughout.

Kantara is a fair trade design business specializing in Moroccan rugs for residential and commercial interiors.  Kantara, meaning "bridge" in Arabic, is deeply committed to fair and ethical trade. Since 2008, we have worked directly with the same weaving cooperatives in rural Morocco. Thanks to our longstanding relationship with these highly skilled Moroccan artisans, we are able to curate and design rugs that both preserve the ancient weaving traditions while adding a modern touch.