LOCAL LOVE ICL Tillary Street Fundraiser




The Tillary Street Women's Shelter is a 200-bed city-funded shelter for women with mental illness and co-morbid substance abuse disorders. Located in downtown Brooklyn. The shelter provides temporary housing, case management, housing referral and (more) placement services, and on-site medical and mental health services.

The shelter supports women who have no where to go, who have mental illness, have been abused or struggle with substance abuse. These women do get a bed to sleep on, a shower and a meal but the shelter does not have the means to provide such things as tampons, sanitary pads, toothpaste, tooth brushes, and have limited supply of bathing cleansers. We, the JL Community believe we can make a difference in these women's life and are hosting a charity event in their name.  On November 15th we will be sharing an evening gathering. Your $60 ticket includes live entertainment, treats, 2 drinks, and mini sessions with our practitioners including reiki, tarot readings, acupressure and more!

Thank you all for your support and lets raise money with love for our community!!!

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