Make An Intention Bowl with Token Moment - May 4


Saturday May 4th | 1pm-2:30pm


Participants will learn how to pinch a bowl and then will use Amanda’s unique process to imprint a special message on them. Everyone will have a chance to paint their pieces with a variety of underglazes.

Bowls will be ready for pickup on Saturday, May 18th.

About Token Moment

Token Moment redefines the perception of what makes something valuable by creating tangible reminders to empower and uplift ourselves and others. Tokens are a catalyst for connection, conversation, sharing, and expression. They are physical vessels for thought and emotion, facilitating moments that could otherwise pass us by.

All Token Moment items are handmade with love and passion by Brooklyn-based ceramicist Amanda Schram. She uses a variety of materials—glazes, cookie cutters, alphabet pasta, gold luster, puns—that yield an eclectic mix of spiritual awakening, divine feminine power, and childlike creativity.

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