Meridian Yoga


We welcome Sara Corenzwit for Sunday evenings Meridian Yoga.  Meridian Yoga combines the philosophies of Chinese Medicine (e.g. acupressure/acupuncture) with yoga. In Chinese Medicine, there are 12 main energy channels in the body, each associated with an organ. Therefore, in addition to being a healing and restorative practice, this yoga will help you go deeper inside your body to connect with your organs and subtle energies moving through the meridian pathways. Its possible that new points of release you might otherwise not be aware of will reveal themselves.

* Tickets are non-refundable. 

About Sara:

Sara is a certified yoga instructor, healer, world traveller, and first and foremost a student- a scientist of the self. She is dedicated to studying not just the surface levels of the gross body, but a deeper dive into the organs and more subtle energy pathways. She is a lifelong student, learning through her own personal Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation practice, as well as from each student she guides and client she treats.
Her trainings include studying Meridian Yoga Therapy and Asana with master teacher Rose Erin Vaughn in New York City, a 10-day silent meditation Vipassana course in Jaipur, India, an extensive 500+ hour training for the classic 26+2 hot yoga, along with a Functional Medicine Health Coach certification from the only health coaching program associated with the Institute for Functional Medicine.
Her passions include health and wellness, studying Buddhist enlightenment practices, along with music and improv comedy. She has a calming and caring presence that is an excellent demeanor for one on one healing work. 

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