Mindful Movement


We welcome Ana to our wellness program! 

Class description:

The intention of this Meditation and Mindfulness Movement practice is to involve your mind/being on experiences through asanas, sensations, sounds, and breath in the present moment. It is the act of paying attention to whatever you are experiencing with an open heart and without judgement. 

By choosing to turn your attention away from the chatter of the mind to what your body is doing, the mind is able to gently quiet with practice and as a result deepen connections with oneself and others as well as build inner strength to move through life with more grace and ease.


Classes are Non-Refundable

Bio: Ana Oropeza-Parra

Ana’s yoga and meditation practice has had a profound impact on her own relationship between breath, heart and mind. This foundation serves as a catalyst for helping you discover a deeper connection with self and others. At the heart of her teachings, is Ana’s intention to share a practice with you that she trusts to build the inner strength to flow through life’s stressors and anxiety with self-compassion, grace and ease.

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