Full Moon Meditation with Maria



Pink Full moon in Libra Manifestation Meditation: Expansive, inclusive and loving relationships. 

This full moon is all about love and love and more love! This is huge, cause Jupiter is all over giving us the chance to expand even more through all of our relationships.

We will meditate deeply into the vibration of expansion by being our own authorities: not anymore putting the power outside of us, setting for unfulfilling relationships and putting ourselves in a lower or upper level. This is about being equal, seeing the divine in me in the the other's eye. This is about expanding and growing with sharing joy to embrace our uniqueness through commitment to ourselves and therefore manifesting long lasting, true and amazing relationships. Let's dive together to hug our beloved self and identify whats our truest power for us to share and embrace. 

All Maria's manifestation meditations include a single tarot card reading to identify where your relationship with yourself is at right now so we can see what you are attracting. 


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