Nutritional Consultations w/ Leela - Every Monday


Coaching with Leela begins with a foundation of nutrition, stripping away seemingly complex layers to reveal the common thread running through all dietary theories which is the importance of nutrient dense, high quality, super delicious and simple foods.   

This vital first topic is extended upon to consider other key pillars that nourish the body – spirituality, creativity, physical activity and relationships.  Taking into account bio-individuality we develop focused goals and a viable plan made up of simple modifications and rituals to bring about weight loss, treat conditions such as chronic stress, skin conditions, migraine headaches, gut issues and arthritis.  

With renewed vibrancy you are free to step fully into life with confidence and passion!


Initial Consultation

Health History consultation



Six Month Private Coaching

Includes two 50-minute calls/meetings a month (12 in total), 30 day Wellness Transformation, Pantry "detox", Recipes, cooking demonstrations, email support and more



**** Call to book your appointment


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