Tarot Readings With Maria Soledad


Saturday, July 1st - 2-8pm
Saturday, July 29th -  2-8pm
Freedom Reading. 
What's keeping your from being yourself? How can you be free of that? To start which action? To begin which transformation? What's my final goal or result after this journey? 
This reading will left you the tools to break free from whatever it is that is holding you back for being your amazing self. 
Chakra Reading 
Which one of your chakras is blocked or running slow? Find out with this reading what's blocking your energy centers and what to do about it. This reading also shows how your emotional, mental, material, sexual/creative and spiritual centers and/ or bodies are right now and what's to learn to improve their functioning. 
Love sweet love reading. 
This reading is of course about that crazy little thing we're all into. Ask about an specific relationship or the issues that you are working on right now. 
Find out if your are living or about to live a Ego Mate, karma mate or soul mate relationship. 
Mission reading. 
Remember  the details, facts and roads of your soul's mission. 
This is a extensive reading about where your path is taking you and the riches that you came to share in this planet. We'll cover all aspects of your life in this one from the point of view of your special gifts and the best way to be on the path of sharing them. 
Carrier Reading.
What makes your heart sing? You can have that as a carrier if you believe on the uniqueness that you are. 
The whole picture reading. 
This is the reading of your life! In this one you'll be able to ask questions, to see the bigger picture and to find out what's missing, what you need to work on, improve, let go, invite and allow to manifest or are about to manifest in your life.
Get a clear vision of your actual process and where is it taking you. 
It's pure evolution baby! 
Personalized meditation session!
Theta Healing Meditation:
1 hour session working with the specifics of what you need to heal, declutter, identify, and integrate in order to upload new beliefs and/or habits.
Theta healing meditation + Tarot mini reading:
1hour/ 45mins session including theta meditation and tarot reading to identify at a cognitive level the info and events that need to be healed and integrated.

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