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Wild Color Brooklyn Peachy Tee

Cosmic one-of-kind naturally dyed tee shirt. Made with great care using botanical dyes and a bundle process.

Like tie dye but without the synthetic color and even more special! Feels great to wear all natural materials.

Dyed with avocado, logwood, osage and madder.

100% Cotton. Dyed new American Apparel Tee - Made in USA. Size: Marked Women's size XL, but American Apparel runs long and narrow, so please note the measurements - the 18" width would be a S/M in other brands. Fits like a small!

Measurements: W: 18" from armpit to armpit L: 23" from neckline to hem 

Color variations and anomalies are part of the beauty and the process of these wearable works of art. 

Care: Naturally dyed clothes are free of synthetics and toxins as color is coaxed from natural materials like flowers, bark, and plants and attached by steam process and result in a product that feels really special. This tee shirt is super cool with it's mystical layered colors and design.

Wild Color Brooklyn Peachy Tee