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Psychic Readings and Hypnosis with Megan Markey

Megan Markey : Intuitive 

An intuitive reading is a deep dive in to a series of questions that you generate for our session. If you are seeking clarity or guidance in a certain area of your life and intuitive reading is excellent for inspiration.  This is a deep connection with your soul mission.  

30 min = $100

60 min = $250

Psychic Strategy with Hypnosis & Past Life Regression = $350

JL Wellness services are non-refundable. 

Megan Markey Bio: 
Megan is a Coach to Founders and Entrepreneurs looking for support with their success mindset and holistic health. Megan started her first successful 6 figure business in her 20s and by the age of 29 hit a major burn-out that resulted in anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and skin issues. After visiting every doctor from Boston to New York, no one could diagnose the root cause, so she resolved to heal herself through yoga, meditation, organic food and Oprah's Book List on Spirituality. Within a year she had detoxed her body from all medications on her own and had an Intuitive awakening. This prompted a career shift in which she began coaching other entrepreneurs on their health and wellness as well as helping them uncover their life purpose while focusing on how to monetize it. She also began consulting for Start-ups as the Marketing and Sales director for 3 different Wellness and Sustainability companies and was most recently the Chief Growth Officer of Stojo, where she presented the product along with her colleagues on the show Shark Tank. She also helped them raise their first round of capital, hire out the team and direct brand strategy. She now offers both tactical and mindset advice for entrepreneurs in need of both spiritual and practical support for their business' growth. She also holds a Masters in Communications from the American University of Paris, as well as an undergrad degree from the University of Virginia.