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Ra Illuminare Multidimensional Healing | September 29th, October 6th, October 20th

Ra Illuminare Multidimensional Healing has been channeled and shared through Linda’s Mentor and Medicine Woman, Eia Buenconsejo. Linda is one of the first initiates of this guided energy healing modality and is a conduit and vessel for this ancient medicine.

During the session, Linda will tune into your energetic field, be guided by your body's wisdom, and provide hand placements to support your healing and alignment. This may show up as light touch, pressure, a sweeping motion, or holding. Through the hand placements, you will receive energetic healing light, which can bring awareness and illumination to the shadows we are ready to work on for deeper healing.

Every BODY is unique, and every session will be unique. Linda will always invite sacred smoke and the energy of Grandmother Sage, her feather, and sometimes a drum or rattle. You will be encouraged to relax and receive healing and any messages that may come through.

About Linda:

Linda Lopes (she/her) currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, where she shares Ra Illuminare Multidimensional Healing, Yoga Classes, and Sacred Drumming Circles. She is a Medicine Woman remembering and reclaiming the wisdom of her ancestors.

She has spent over a decade healing, studying, and training under her Mentor and Medicine Woman, Eia Buenconsejo, to uncover the deep and tangled layers of ancestral, generational, and collective trauma to begin to experience the ability to rise, heal, awaken, and claim her gifts and live in her full power. She is committed to the path toward healing and liberation. It is through this journey that she comes to be of service to you and Mother Earth.

In her sessions, Linda strives to create a space that honors each person's needs. She uses inclusive language and holds space with a trauma-informed understanding.