Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment


Raindrop Essential Oil Session is a very special service offered at JL! 

Developed in 1989 by Gary young, the raindrop technique has been used with great success in supporting proper body function and bone alignment . It’s a layering of 7 blends and 2 essential oils on the feet (vita flex, a complete network of reflex points that connect and stimulate every internal system of the body) and along the spine. It is not a deep tissue massage however the use of a few massage techniques will be applied. Some of the blend would help in boosting your immune system, hence it might get you back on your feet when you are feeling sick ! You might also experience an emotional release because of the high relaxation effect of the aromatherapy. 

About the practitioner: Lindsay Carpentier 

I am a 30 years old French girl who made it to NYC.. at first i was not aware of wellness and will only live my life with unbalanced habits .. once I started learning more about energies, good habits, emotions management , essential oils and how everything is connected together I became passionate about wellness and about how to make our body a better place for our soul .. I believe that you can’t fix the world but you can start within yourself. After studying about traditional Chinese medicine which is an alternative medicine, the power of healing with herbs and food I started using the oils and rapidly learn about this technique because it sounded amazing to be able to bring a body system support to others .. in a city like New York it is good to take a step back and use an hour of self care once in a while to keep going on your busy life and be more productive. I am not a doctor but a health coach, I can’t cure any diseases but I can give you tips to help you on your wellness journey.
Sharing is caring, that is what I have learned over the past 2 years so let me share that powerful technique with you!

Book your appointment online.  This service is non-refundable.

*Please note we advise against booking with Lindsay if you are pregnant or epileptic. 


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