Spiritual Readings + Healing with Mr. Luis


Mr. Luis Services : Spiritual Readings, Shamanic Reiki, and Healing.

Mr. Luis is a Spiritual practitioner who ascends from spiritual healers on both halves of his family lineage.  Mr. Luis’s practice reflects the spiritual connection and methods of his diverse ancestral beliefs and has received rites of passage and initiation from his elders within these systems that span from Native Arawak/ Mayan,  European and Subsaharan Africa. Ordained by his elder with the name “ Good Strong Man of Sun Fire, he has been given permission to use his voice to speak to and honor all of humanity by being a “hollow bone” for spirit to work with. Within his tribe he holds the position as “ Holder of Consciousness,” allowing him to initiate others. Mr. Luis works with others from a space of no particular path, the path or “way” is simply the one that a person is waking on in their journey. Session with Mr. Luis focus greatly on spirit and nature to bring balance to the soul. Spirit is all and we are all spirit. 

Spiritual Readings

Spiritual readings with Mr. Luis are a unique integrative experience implementing methods and tools from various spiritual traditions to understand the energy surrounding and interacting with an individual. Mr. Luis has given spiritual readings since his earliest years and has been blessed by his teachers to go out into the world and share the gift of guidance with spirit. 

 30 MINUTES $67 | 45 MINUTES $100 I 60 MINUTES $134 


Shamanic Reiki 

Shamanic Reiki joins with traditional reiki in its aim of bringing balance to the being.  Shamanic Reiki adds in elements of crystal and stone medicine, along with the technique of energy smudging as taught by his elder curanderos of Mexico. Shamanic Reiki adds these elements to bring a greater in-depth balance and healing experience. 

 30 MINUTES $80 | 60 MINUTES $160 

*Please schedule by appointment* Appointments are non-refundable.


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