Spiritual Readings + Healing with Mr. Luis


Who is Mr. Luis? 

Mr. Luis is a spiritual guide and teacher for his community. 

Why does Mr. Luis engage in this practice ? 

To help individuals find the guidance they need in order to be successful in their lives by creating a better path with what is in and around them. Life will always have circumstances that create challenges for us , the key is discovering how best we can navigate these situations and create more positive experiences to be able to win and be balanced in our life. Whether through a reading, healing energy work or spiritual cleanse all of these offerings are to bring you back into harmony with nature which you are a part of and to bring answers and awareness to your being. 

What’s Mr. luis background ? 

Mr. Luis is a fourth generation Spiritist from both lineages of his family. Being a spiritist means understanding that spirituality is universal and found everywhere and can assist us in our journey of life. Mr. Luis is also a priest and initiate within traditions of West Africa and pre Latin American  curanderismo which his elders have brought him into and given him permission to speak and practice natural healing. 

What is a reading ?

A reading is an understanding of the energies an individual is encountering in their lives and what these interactions can potentially bring into the persons life. A reading is a sort of map of an individuals life  in the present but can also span the past and potential future . With these understandings a reading with Mr. Luis should empower individuals to shape a more successful and balanced life. Mr. Luis has been taught to read in different shamanic styles of different paths and utilizes these forms to bring the best messages to individuals. 

Other works 

Mr. Luis performs healing ceremonies and spiritual cleansings. Please refer to the  list of offerings to see what may suit you best.  


Spiritual Readings 
30 min-$100
45 min-$134
1 hour-$167

Shamanic Reiki 
35 min-$125
1 hour-$167

Flower Healing Ceremony 
45min (+) - $175

Shamanic Egg cleansing/ Shamanic Oracle Reading
25-30 min- $85 

Shamanic Spiritual Limpia (Aura cleanse)

Time approx 30 mins(+) -$190 ( All materials included). 
***All appointments are Non-refundable!  

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