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Rhodonite Tumbled Stone

Revered as the "Stone of Compassion," these captivating gems are conduits of healing and love.

Compassion and Emotional Healing: Rhodonite is celebrated for its ability to open the heart chakra, fostering compassion, and promoting emotional healing. It gently encourages forgiveness, releasing past hurts, and empowering you to move forward with love and understanding.

Balance and Harmony: This crystal holds a harmonizing energy that balances emotional extremes. Whether you're experiencing highs or lows, Rhodonite brings equilibrium, grounding your emotions and restoring a sense of inner harmony.

Self-Discovery: Rhodonite encourages self-discovery and personal growth. It prompts introspection, helping you understand your true desires and facilitating positive changes in your life. It's a powerful ally for those on a journey of self-improvement and transformation.

Supportive Relationships: Rhodonite is often associated with fostering healthy relationships. It encourages open communication, understanding, and empathy, making it an ideal crystal for enhancing the bonds of friendship, family, and romantic partnerships.

Zodiac Associations: Rhodonite resonates most closely with the zodiac sign of Taurus. For Taurus individuals, it complements their appreciation for beauty and their connection to matters of the heart. Rhodonite's grounding and loving energy aligns harmoniously with the characteristics of the bull.

Birthstone Significance: While not a traditional birthstone, Rhodonite aligns with the vibrational energies of the month of September. Its nurturing qualities make it a meaningful and heartfelt gift for individuals born during this month, bringing emotional balance and compassion into their lives.

Crystals range in size from approximately 0.5" - 1.25" and each is unique.