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Sacred Cacao Circle | October 1st
Join us for an evening to be in a loving community with yourself and others.
Sunday October 1st, 6P - 7:30P

Open your heart with Ceremonial Grade Cacao Elixir from Rio Caribe, Venezuela.

Join hosts Kali Martinez-Tello & Eileen Moran of Architects of Experience for a very special evening while we drink Venezuelan cacao together in a guided ceremonial setting with sound healing, meditation of the senses, gentle movements, feather touch and guided breathwork exercises.  This evening of ritual will bring together the benefits of sound healing, deeply engaging your senses & guidance into the Inner Realms. Come with an Open Heart and Mind and Playful Spirit. See you in Sacred Space.

Cacao Ceremonies are about communing in a deeper way with our Inner Beings, our Higher Selves and Source. These soul nourishing ceremonies help you to access what lays within, tapping into your truth and personal freedom. Cacao Spirit is a wonderful facilitator for this work. The cacao we are sharing is a single origin cacao from a female owned farm called Paria Shakti & cultivated from farmer Greta. 

High in Magnesium and 100% caffeine free, this plant medicine gently relaxes the body and opens doors for deep meditation and profound realization. This nourishing superfood is also very high in Theobroma, and therefore an excellent mind focuser, ideal for peak meditative states. It also aids in heart opening, healing and transformative inner work.

**Please Note** Pure cacao contains certain elements that are contraindicated for certain MAOI's (monoamine oxidase inhibitors which can be found in SSRI's and Antidepressants). Please let us know beforehand if this regards you. We will prepare your beverage accordingly.   

We recommend eating lightly 2 to 3 hours before the ceremony, to optimize your experience. 


We look forward to being in Heart-Opening Space with you.