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Silk Flower Dyed Pillowcase

wildcolor brooklyn flower dyed silk pillowcases

Indulge in the many benefits a silk pillowcase has to offer with one of these hand-dyed beauties from Wildcolor!

Sleeping on silk prevents wrinkles by alleviating compression and creasing of delicate facial skin, as well as provides relief for sensitive skin, acne, and eczema. Silk also provides a cleaner sleeping surface than cotton and other common bedding materials and promotes skin hydration due to its more effective moisture-repelling properties - so more of your skincare routine stays on your face! Silk pillowcases are gentler on hair and reduce frizz and prevent tangles and breakage.

❊ Please note: each pillow case is one of a kind and the one you receive may differ from the image provided.

Handmade by Amanda Morales in Brooklyn, New York.

The name Wildcolor is a tribute to the use of natural dyes - achieving color using avocado pits and peels, teas, roses, indigo leaf, and other flowers and plants. Botanical color is beautiful and gives items a charge of nature and a lovely feel.

Wildcolor is also a nod to the use of up-cycled and foraged fabrics found in the wilds of NYC and beyond.

wildcolor brooklyn flower dyed silk pillowcases