Sound Healing with Joanna - November 10th


Sound Healing with Joanna 
Saturday, November 10th 8 p.m.

The Sound & Soul Ritual

Experience the deep relaxation sound therapy can bring to your mind and body.  Singing bowls will be placed on specific chakra points and gently played, the vibration releases into the body taking the brainwaves from alpha to delta and inducing the kind of deep relaxation we get from a good night’s sleep.  Your muscles relax and your consciousness changes to that of a meditative state.  Your healing can be received either on the back or the stomach, depending on what is most comfortable.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing and socks.

Joanna Roche is certified in Vibrational Sound Healing by the Vibrational Sound Association in Lincoln, Nebraska, and has been practicing this new modality for four years.  She has a long tradition of work in the spa and wellness worlds, developing and launching unique healing experiences incorporating all senses. Joanna has a personal practice of meditation and yoga and is skilled in aromatherapy, crystals, and integrating the left and right brain through guided imagery.  Follow her on Instagram @wellness.instructions


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