Sound Bath with Nicole Sultana


 Sunday, Feb. 18th, 6-7 PM

Sound has been used by ancient cultures since time immemorial, highly revered for its therapeutic and restorative healing benefits. It’s been scientifically proven to enable shifts in brain wave function, calm the nervous system, boost the immune system and reduce levels of anxiety, fear, depression, stress and perceived pain.

In this Sound Meditation Nicole will take you on a journey through the use of overtone instruments that will help retune the body, mind and spirit, balance the flow of energy, and facilitate self-healing, as she gently guides you to a state of deep relaxation.  Following the meditation enjoy some calming tea.

Spend your Sunday evening with Nicole immersed in sound that will leave you feeling centered and connected.

About Nicole

Nicole Sultana is a Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master and Energy Worker. She is an avid advocate of the powerful effects and healing benefits of sound and vibration. She leads groups and individuals on deep meditative journeys through the use of sound, as well as offers one-on-one Reiki and Vibrational healing.


6-7 p.m.


* for optimal relaxation please bring your own mat and a pillow is suggested*

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