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Spiritual Readings with Micha | Wednesdays

Micha (mee-hya, he/they) is a wellness professional from Philadelphia, PA. He has worked in spiritual cleaning, divination, and wellness for over a decade providing private consultations both virtually and in person. Alongside his spiritual work, Micha is also a certified mental health professional and artist.

Rooted in generations of family practice, their unique readings combine elements of tarot and astrology to provide answers for questions big and small. Their work centers holistic personal wellness and specificity in time and action. Whether you're looking for the best time to change jobs, yearning to find your next date, or generally wondering what is going on, He'll be happy to assist in asking!


Spiritual Readings:
15 min $30
30 min $60
1 hr $110

Relationship or Compatibility Reading
30 min $44

Natal Chart and Spiritual Reading
45 min $77

Astrological Forecast
-Event planning, decisions-
30 min $66