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"Spoon Me" Spoon Rest

Token Moment Spoon Me Ceramic Spoon Rest
Get cheeky in the kitchen. The best-selling Spoon Me Spoon Rests provide a fun reminder to keep things feisty—every time you cook. Whether you’re whipping up a solo meal, laughing over pasta with a pal, or getting cozy with a companion, you’ll find a moment of levity each and every day with this unique piece.

Handcrafted from start to finish, these one-of-a-kind spoon rests are triple-fired. Each one is carefully painted and finished with high-quality, real gold detailing. Receive a handmade Elephant Token with this order to gift to someone special.

Approximately 4” in diameter and 2.5” high.

All Token Moment items are handmade in Brooklyn with care, passion, and playful intention.

This item is double-fired, reaching temperatures as high as 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, a real gold luster is applied for the intricate letters and detailing, and finally it is fired a third time to ensure a highly durable, sacred AF piece of stoneware.
Token Moment Spoon Me Ceramic Spoon Rest